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TUBE IN TUBE - For cooling or heating juice, must etc using your existing glycol based chiller / heater. Made to order for lengths and temp. change required.

HEATER and/or CHILLER 2 or 3 HP - Available in single or three phase. Now also available in Stainless Steel covering, mobile, chills 3-6 tanks. See us for details. Now 5 and 10 HP available--three phase only.

HCWG 50 series - heats or cools juice, wine or beer directly, quick and efficient, 240V, 3phase

POLI COOLING / HEATING BANDS - Range of sizes to fit your existing unjacketed tanks. Can move up and down to suit level, and also transfer between like sized tanks

POLI COOLING BANDS - Can be connected and stacked and moved from tank to tank to greatly reduce your cost of tanks and jackets.


CHILLERS - For all size wineries from 2 to 50 hp.

solenoid control valve.jpg

SOLENOID CONTROL VALVE - Add your own temperature control at each tank or move from tank to tank.