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Equipment Rental and Contract Work

VA Filtration

VA Removal, and much, much MORE!


Our Sweetspotter units are available for rental to remove VA, EA, 4EP/4EG, sulphides, smoke taint, IBMP and more.


Sweetspotter Single membrane unit SS4-1-10

VA and EA removal, Brett and other taints as well (by special arrangement), and smoke taint trials.


Best for barrel lots. Comes with inbuilt cartridge holders to suit specialty cartridges for a variety of applications. Processes 60 gal/hour wine, 10% reduction of VA per pass.

Sweetspotter SS4-4-20

VA and EA removal; low acid loss concentration

Sweetspotter Big Spotter SS4-4-40

For Brett, smoke and rose taint and also concentration.

For larger lots (typical 300 - 2500 gallons). Utilizes separate Anionic columns to process permeate. Processes 240 gal/hour wine, 10% reduction of VA per pass.


VA and EA removal, smoke and rose taint removal

Click PDF for 2021 D'Vine Intervention and Crossflow Rental Pricing

D'VINE SS4-4-20:40.jpg



D'VINE SS4-4-40 COL.jpg


VAF VAF8-2-100.jpg


Cross Flow Filtration Rentals

If you already own a Sweetspotter, Pacific Beverage Solutions works with D'Vine Intervention to offer rental units for cross flowing your wines on your own.


The CF8-2-200M comes ready to be rinsed out and used for sterile (0.2 micron) filtration of your wines at a rate of 200 gallons per hour for whites* and approximately 180 gallons per hour for reds*. These systems are simple to use, gentle on the wine, and—should you decide to purchase rather than rent—will pay for themselves quickly on reduction of losses alone.


These units will fit in the bed of your pick-up.


* Every wine is different in filtration. Speed is dependent on many factors including the solids content, sugars, temperature, and gravity pressure affecting your specific filtration set-up. These speeds are averaged from years of experience with these machines in actual use. 


For cross flow filtration of wine (200 gph)


For cross flow filtration of wine (400 gph)


For cross flow filtration of wine (600 gph)



How to operate the CF8-2-200M Crossflow:

CROSSFLOW CF8-4-400.jpg


CROSSFLOW CF8-6-600.jpg


Taint Removal and Cross Flow Filtration Contract Work

Leave It to Us!


Pacific Beverage Solutions is proud to fulfill your taint removal and cross flow filtration needs. Our operators will arrive with the equipment for VA , EA, smoke, or rose taint removal and cross flow filtration to meet any size job. Choose your ideal taint removal or cross flow equipment size: 


For VA and EA removal, smoke and rose taint removal:




For cross flow filtration:

CF8-6-600SA (600 gph)

CF8-8-800SA (800 gph)

CF8-12-1000SA (1000+ gph)


Lenticular Module Frames for purchase

Filtrox Discstar stainless lenticular frame for 1, 2 or maximum 3 x 12" modules.

Options include additional site glass and tasting tap.

Filter modules for depth filtration allow you to achieve sheet filtration with extreme ease of handling. Filter sheets are mounted in a lenticular form on a draining body. A filter module contains several stacked lenticulars which are held together either by metal clamps or by a grid-like core sleeve of PP. Sealing rings between the lenticulars prevent the passage of non-filtered substance.

In the DISCSTAR, several modules can be applied in combination, allowing the filter area to be multiplied in simple steps.Filter modules allow filtration in an enclosed system without dripping loss.


DISCSTAR 30 and DISCSTAR 40 are the economical filter module units. Module filtration allows outstanding filtration results to be achieved in a closed system without drip losses. Very easy handling. Only a small number of modules have to be handled for inserting new and disposing of used filter media. The DISCSTAR offers many extras, both as standard or as options.

Now available:

10" membrane frame

30" membrane frame

filtrex 2.jpg
filtrex 1.jpg

Fill out and submit the form below to let us know your needs and approximate rental dates. 

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