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BIG RED® BIN TIPPER - Attaches to your forklift easily and quickly. Controlled tipping of MACRO-Bins of fruit from Macro 16 to Macro 48 using quick fit hydraulic connections. Robust and sturdy, easily adjusted and Made in the USA 

BARREL RACKS - Reversible, in Powder Coat or stainless. Double, single, bottom/one sided to choose from. Re-sprayed racks available depending on stock.

LCE5/140 FLEX. IMPELLOR PUMP - Variable speed, soft pump will do 0-3700 gal/hour. 4 wheel cart, "Never flat" tires. Pressure switch separate. 

OENODEB FLOWMETER - 2' or 3" TC inlet/outlet, with or without pump shut off controls, flow range 1325 to 13,250 gal/hour

ATEX pump 1.png
0ATEX pum 2.png

ATEX CERTIFIED PUMPS - Self-triggering centrifugal and lobe pumps.

Œnoflex® and LOB®: Designed and manufactured according to the ATEX standard: Category: 3G - Use in zone n°2

L100, L200  L300, L400

LOB200, LOB300,  LOB600, LOB1000

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